About Us

Our practice is built on trust, honesty and support to the patient. The fact that a proper and trustable service has to be delivered is of utmost importance.

Our Orthotic and Prosthetic practice is dedicated as a rehabilitation centre with full prosthetic rehabilitation done by our team of professionals. Here we manufacture, fit and rehabilitate our amputees to make full use of their prosthetic device. After the patient has received his/her prosthesis this then includes special exercises and sessions that include, stump strength, gait training and obstacle handling only to name a few.

Our dedication as High Tech Prosthetists is shown in our attendance to numerous hands on prosthetic courses and training sessions as well as product information and Orthotic and Prosthetic Congresses sessions all over the Country to make sure that we are able to fit and equip our patients in the best possible way as well as with the most suitable components.

The practice is internationally recognised and patients visit us from all over the world. We also have a very special relationship with our neighbouring countries in Africa

Community work is also very important to us and we will try our best to help you out as much as we can financially.


Our Orthotic and Prosthetic training in 1980 consisted of a five year course at the Pretoria Academic Hospital. The course was presented in conjunction with the University of  Pretoria Medical School.

We are registered with the HPCSA as Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist in 1984 and then started to practice at Klerksdorp Hospital as Medical Orthotists & Prosthetists.

We practiced in the Health service for 18 years (5 years training included) and I retired in 1998 as the Chief Control Orthotist Prosthetist of the Northwest Province. My family and I relocated to Johannesburg and I opened Northcliff Orthopaedic CentreJanuary 1998.

Why Northcliff Orthopaedic Centre?

Why do we understand the patient and his/her problems better and why are we successful in what we do?

I am physically disabled and understand the patient, his/her problems and complains better due to the fact that I am in the same situation. I was paralyzed (quadriplegic) as a 15 year old boy in 1977 and still suffer from loss of function in my lower limbs and feet. I believe that the fact that I lead a normal life professionally, socially and on the sports field is an inspiration to all our patients.

Meet the NOC Team

Gerrit Ferreira


Founder and CEO
N.dip Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist

Antois Ferreira

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B.Tech(Hons) Medical Orthotist and Prosthetists

Casper Steenkamp

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B.Tech(Hons) Medical Orthotist and Prosthetists