Above Knee Prosthetics

At Northcliff, Orthopaedic Centre provides Above Knee Prosthetics. Above Knee Prostheses are custom made Prosthetic Limbsmanufactured by our team of highly qualified technicians for above knee amputees (transfemoral amputees). Most of the knees discussed are manufactured by Otto Bock and Össur.

C-Leg® Microprocessor Knee

This microprocessor-controlled knee's remarkable stability and versatility make it the Standard of Care.
C-Leg® is the microprocessor knee for transfemoral amputees who want the established industry standard trusted by tens of thousands and confirmed by dozens of clinical studies. The most-studied microprocessor knee in history, C-Leg is backed by evidence demonstrating increased efficacy in safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness when compared to otherprosthetic knees. C-Leg's superb stumble recovery and smooth swing activation provides a confident, natural gait. Users can speed up, slow down, take on hills and go down stairs step over step, all with a secure, comfortable stride.

Genium Bionic Prosthetic System

The Genium Bionic Prosthetic System is a breakthrough in microprocessor-controlled knee joints and is based on a completely new technology platform built to gather exponentially greater microprocessor inputs that result in very precise responses. Extremely user-friendly and exceptionally responsive, Genium is designed for transfemoral amputees who want the most function possible to respond to the physical and emotional demands of their daily lives. Genium is the most intuitive knee available: for the first time - without powered propulsion - prosthetic users can make quick changes in their cadence, take side-steps, go up stairs step-over-step, walk backwards, step smoothly over obstacles and more. For the wearer, motion becomes intuitive. Barriers and obstacles become an unconscious part of life instead of an interruption.

Genium x3

The X3 has ‘no limits’ it is quite simply the world’s most technologically advanced microprocessor prosthetic leg.

You may have a challenging or adventurous lifestyle. Or, you may simply want to keep up with everyday activities (showering, hiking, running to catch a bus) without having to worry if your prosthesis can make it through. The X3 can!

x3 (2)

Compact Knee

Based on C-Leg Technology, the Compact Knee has been precisely tailored to the needs of less active amputees who require a high degree of stability.
The Compact Knee is designed for transfemoral prosthesis users who place a premium on safety and stability but won't miss all the functionality of microprocessor swing phase control. This knee is excellent for the indoor walker who doesn't take dramatic shifts in speed or direction. The Compact's smooth responsiveness, reliability, and stance security is ideal for the person who moves more slowly, but requires the microprocessor stance control to maximize stability. The knee keeps stable when needed, free-swinging during swing phase, and always ready to support the user in case of a stumble.

Modular Knee Joints

Otto Bock offers an unmatched selection of mechanical knee joints to ensure ideal overall performance of a transfemoral prosthesis.
The function of a mechanical knee joint is vital to the overall performance of a transfemoral prosthesis. Read more about the selection of Modular Knee Joints on the Otto Bock website.

Fitness Prosthesis for Above-Knee Amputees

TThe Ottobock Fitness Prosthesis is the first system to help above-knee amputees stay active, increase strength and mobility, and enhance overall health.
Keeping fit is important for everyone. Now above-knee amputees have a fitness prosthesis just for them. Above-knee amputees can use the 3S80 Fitness Knee to stay in shape. Ottobock's Fitness Knee is the only running prosthesis available for above-knee amputees.

rheo 3

Rheo Knee

The Rheo Knee by Össur is the world's first microprocessor knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. The Rheo Knee remains the most adaptable solution of its kind. It is also surprisingly simple to use.
The silver gray impact-resistant shell is made of of high-resistance polyurethane, its shape reflecting the anatomy of the human knee and lower leg. A soft pad at the front improves sensation when kneeling. Integrated within the design's distal end is a Bluetooth® module for wireless communication and setup processes, as well as a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which provides 24-48 hours of continuous use, dependent on activities. A single-pin port and rotation-independent circular plug make recharging easy, while the tamper proof on/off switch prevents unintentional use of the device.
Thanks to its low build height (length), the Rheo Knee can be fitted with a much wider range of prosthetic feet than any other microprocessor knee on the market.


Rheo Knee XC

From rehabilitation to the home and office, to the gym and the trail, RHEO KNEE XC confidently goes anywhere. Whether rehabilitating on a spin cycle, navigating tight spaces, strolling around town, or hiking a trail in the rain, RHEO KNEE XC provides the perfect balance of stability and dynamics.

Power Knee

The Power Knee by Össur is designed to allow the user to perform more complex activities than previously possible, the Power Knee is unique in its capacity to generate power from within. The outer design of the prosthesis reflects the anatomical shape of the leg just below the knee. Sensors and associated electronics which process data, apply artificial intelligence and control the movement and power of the knee are all strategically positioned within the knee and contribute to its overall shape.

Constructed from aluminum, the frame is strong enough to cope with the power generated by the knee. The battery pack is detachable and can be instantly replaced with a fully charged pack, so there is no need to recharge the unit as a whole. Securely positioned, it is also easily accessible to the user.


Walking for the first time on a prosthesis means building trust step by step.

Therefore, the Kenevo focuses on safety. The knee joint is the world's first fitting solution of the latest technology specifically for the needs of less active people - as a leg prosthesis the Kenevo sets a new global standard. With its special basic functions it provides support in typical everyday situations. Moreover, the activity modes provide high adaptability. The Kenevo grows with your skills, for example during rehabilitation, and adapts itself equally well for a decreasing amount of mobility.