Hip Braces

Hip Braces developed by Össur. Hiptric®

The Hip Brace is ideal for those at risk of a dislocated hip, the Hiptric applies a dynamic abduction force, to keep the femoral head in the socket. This user-friendly, low profile device is barely noticeable to others when in place. It is also comfortable to wear and it is made of breathable fabric that conforms to the user's anatomy.

The Hip Brace has a low profile for improved patient comfort can be worn against the skin. It is hinge-free design provides constant dynamic abduction force throughout full range. It has a unique sliding joint follows anatomical hip movement. The modular system allows for an optimal user fit.
Indication for Use

  • Primary arthroplasty patients at risk of dislocation
  • Post-op revision patients
  • Post-op hip arthroscopy
  • Preventative use
  • Inoperable hip abnormalities