Lower Limb Prosthetics

Prosthetics - Lower Limb Extremities
We make use of Lower Limb Prosthetics developed by Otto Bock. We rely on Otto Bock's modular system, a comprehensive selection of knees, feet and adaptors to fabricate and fit a prosthesis that matches our patients needs.
We focus on the following Prosthetic areas: Above Knee Prosthetics; Below Knee Prosthetics; Through Knee Prosthetics; Through Hip Prosthetics; Prosthetic Components and Upper Extremeties.
Our team of highly qualified technicians manufacture custom made Prosthetic Limbs for amputees' requirements.

C-Leg® Microprocessor Knee
This microprocessor-controlled knee's remarkable stability and versatility make it the Standard of Care.
C-Leg® is the microprocessor knee for transfemoral amputees who want the established industry standard trusted by tens of thousands and confirmed by dozens of clinical studies. The most-studied microprocessor knee in history, C-Leg is backed by evidence demonstrating increased efficacy in safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness when compared to other prosthetic knees. C-Leg's superb stumble recovery and smooth swing activation provides a confident, natural gait. Users can speed up, slow down, take on hills and go down stairs step over step all with a secure, comfortable stride.

Compact Knee
Based on C-Leg Technology, the Compact Knee has been precisely tailored to the needs of less active amputees who require a high degree of stability.
The Compact Knee is designed for transfemoral prosthesis users who place a premium on safety and stability but won't miss all the functionality of microprocessor swing phase control. This knee is excellent for the indoor walker who doesn't take dramatic shifts in speed or direction. The Compact's smooth responsiveness, reliability, and stance security is ideal for the person who moves more slowly, but requires the microprocessor stance control to maximize stability. The knee keeps stable when needed, free-swinging during swing phase and always ready to support the user in case of a stumble.

Socket Technology
Feeling maximum comfort and security at every step and relying on the stability of a prosthesis: That is socket comfort - optimum fit and function. A variety of suspension and liner options give our patients the best fit for security with every step. All patients have one thing in common: The need to rely on their prosthesis at every step during their day-to-day lives. The Socket Technologies from Otto Bock provide the best possible solutions that meet the highest safety and comfort standards as well as the individual needs of our patients.
Otto Bock offers a large selection of materials such as silicone, copolymer and polyurethane for all standard and custom liners. Since Otto Bock knows the forces that act on the liner and how movements affect the fit of the prosthesis, the liners are precision-designed for various adhesion systems. Whether our patient is looking for the innovative Otto Bock Harmony® system that creates increased negative pressure between the socket and liner for maximum suspension and control, or whether a liner with the shuttle lock system which is easy to put on and take off is preferred, Socket Technologies offers the right solution.

Modular Knee Joints
Otto Bock offers an unmatched selection of mechanical knee joints to ensure ideal overall performance of a transfemoral prosthesis.
The function of a mechanical knee joint is vital to the overall performance of a transfemoral prosthesis.

Otto Bock offers an unmatched selection of mechanical knee joints to ensure ideal overall performance of a transfemoral prosthesis.
Otto Bock offers a wide variety of adapters that offer proven function and remain practical and easy to use.

Children's Prosthetic Components
Prosthetic care for children is a challenge as they want to explore the world. Turn to Otto Bock components for the appropriate fit and function.
Children want to investigate the whole world. Their high activity level and enthusiastic exploration of their surroundings makes prosthetic care of children and teenagers a special challenge.
Otto Bock provides Hip Joints, Knee Joints, Prosthetic Feet and Modular Adapters for Children.

The Otto Bock Mobility System MOBIS®
MOBIS® is based on patient activity levels.
MOBIS® is used by expanding the weight and mobility categories, it helps match components to the patient's unique needs.
MOBIS® starts with four Mobility Grades:
the Indoor Walker, the Restricted Outdoor Walker, the Unrestricted Outdoor Walker, and the Unrestricted Outdoor Walker with Especially Rigorous Demands.

Interim Prostheses
Beginning prosthetic treatment early with an interim prosthesis plays a significant role in long-term rehabilitation success.
Early fitting of a prosthesis plays a significant role in rehabilitation success. The prompt and correct application of compression to the residual limb, together with getting the patient back on his or her feet as soon as possible have a positive impact on the rehabilitation process.
Interim prostheses are employed as a temporary measure prior to definitive fitting. The function of modern interim prostheses should correspond to that of the definitive prosthesis. The trial fitting can help determine whether or not the amputee is capable of standing and walking.

Cosmetic Foam Covers
The appearance of the prosthesis is very important to us and to your patients. We offer foam covers, socks, and aesthetic techniques to create a life-like appearance.
Most amputees want the exterior of the prosthesis to be visually inconspicuous. Otto Bock offers cosmetic foam covers, cosmetic stockings and aesthetic improvement techniques for exterior design. The coating material is flexible, highly tear resistant, water proof and is applied using a pneumatic spray gun.

Fitness Prosthesis for Above-Knee Amputees
The Ottobock Fitness Prosthesis is the first system to help above-knee amputees stay active, increase strength and mobility, and enhance overall health.
Keeping fit is important for everyone. Now above-knee amputees have a fitness prosthesis just for them. Above-knee amputees can use the 3S80 Fitness Knee to stay in shape. Ottobock's Fitness Knee is the only running prosthesis available for above-knee amputees.

Otto Bock has developed a line of modular components that are designed specifically for use as a waterproof prostheses.
Otto Bock offers a line of components specifically designed for use in the water. The Aqualine features components that are uniquely modified to provide greater stability and functionality for use in the water, such as while bathing or swimming.
This modular system provides excellent options for people with either transtibial or transfemoral amputations and all components can accommodate people who weigh up to 150 kg. Wet areas present unique challenges for people who uses a prostheses. In addition to an environment that is more slippery, water can rapidly increase wear on prosthetic components. Otto Bock has developed a line of modular components that are designed specifically for use as a waterproof prostheses. These specially adapted components provide unique features to increase the user's security and functionality in the water.