Prosthetic Components

Prosthetic Feet
At Northcliff Orthopaedic Centre provides a wide selection of Prosthetic Feet. There is a foot available to fit nearly every patients' need.

Carbon Feet
Walking at various speeds, running, climbing hills or descending stairs with a secure, confident stride - these are the complex requirements for a modern carbon foot.

Dynamic Feet
The Dynamic Feet - the 1D10, 1D11 and 1D35 Dynamic Motion are recommended for moderate walkers.

Adjust Foot
The 1M10 Adjust Foot can be readily adapted to the individual needs of the amputee - quickly and easily.

Single-Axis Feet
The single-axis feet make it possible for our patients to quickly and easily reach a secure standing position. These feet are recommended for less active persons.

Light Cosmetic Feet
We recommend Otto Bock's lightweight feet to patients who require a good cosmetic solution more than function.
Chopart Foot Plate
The Chopart foot plate has an extremely low structural height and is suitable for partial-foot amputations as well as Chopart, Pirogoff, or Symes amputations.

Sports Feet
The Advanced Carbon Feet from Otto Bock provide a unique option for amputees who participate in high-activity recreational and competitive sports that demand high-impact and excellent energy return.

The SACH feet from Otto Bock are a proven choice for stability and quality.

Socket Technology
Socket Comfort is feeling maximum comfort and security at every step and relying on the stability of a prosthesis; the optimum fit and function.
A variety of suspension and liner options give our patients the best fit for security with every step.
All patients have one thing in common: The need to rely on their prosthesis at every step during their day-to-day lives. The Socket Technologies from Otto Bock provide the best possible solutions that meet the highest safety and comfort standards as well as the individual needs of our patients.
Otto Bock offers a large selection of materials such as silicone, copolymer and polyurethane for all standard and custom liners. Since Otto Bock knows the forces that act on the liner and how movements affect the fit of the prosthesis, the liners are precision-designed for various adhesion systems. Whether our patient is looking for the innovative Otto Bock Harmony® system that creates increased negative pressure between the socket and liner for maximum suspension and control, or whether a liner with the shuttle lock system which is easy to put on and take off is preferred - Socket Technologies offers the right solution.

Harmony® System
The Harmony® Vacuum Management System provides superb fit between the residual limb and liner for better fit and improved health of the residual limb.

There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from to get the liner that's right for our patients.

Shuttle Locks and Pull-In Systems
The shuttle lock systems from Otto Bock are easy to unlock under a tensile load. Amputees with limited hand strength in particular are therefore able to release the lock easily.

Suction Socket System
The suction socket systems available are from simple flat rubber valves to the threadless ClickValve, PushValve and MagValve that include the ideal product for every patient.

We provide Otto Bock Derma function accessories and Otto Bock residual limb socks that are exceptionally comfortable.

Suspension Sleeves
Suspension Sleeves provide the highest stability for the residual limb and leg while providing freedom of movement for the knee.