Through Knee Prosthetics

Knee Disarticulation
At Northcliff Orthopaedic Centre provides Through Knee Prosthetics / Knee Disarticulation. We make use of Polycentric Knee Joints for Through Knee Amputees / Knee Disarticulation.
The through knee is the most distal amputation in which normal knee function is completely lost by the amputated patient. In biomechanical terms the problems are very similar to those of the above knee amputation level. However, the physical differences may be of considerable importance in the prosthetic procedure. The end of the stump is composed of tissue normally adapted to weight-bearing in the kneeling position. A long lever arm is available for the exertion of control forces by the hip muscles and the muscles themselves are, for the most part, intact and operating in a physiological condition.

Socket Design
A good Through Knee stump can take the largest part of the vertical support load on the end-bearing surface. The design of the prosthetic lower limb socket must take into account those forces which will be applied between prosthesis and stump during walking.

Stance phase
The Stance phase is the requirement for stability at heel strike as the body weight progresses over the support point, coupled with an ability to initiate flexion, preparatory to swing through. It is possible to provide these actions in some measure, and under voluntary control, by hip action - extensor muscle action at the hip can maintain knee extension and knee flexion may be initiated by hip flexor muscle action.


Many different though knee prosthetic joints.
There are many different products to choose from and the best is to consult with your Prosthetist about available options. Please feel free to book an appointment.

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