Upper Limb Prostheses

Prosthetics - Upper Limb Extremities
We make use of Upper Limb Prostheses developed by Otto Bock and our main goal is to improve the quality of life of those who use the products. Otto Bock is constantly continuing research and development activities to bring our patients new and better solutions. We offer a range of options for you to select from, including off the shelf and conventional custom cosmeses, and a full line of myoelectric arm prosthesis and body powered components that deliver the latest technology. We offer you a solution for nearly every application and level of amputation.
We focus on the following Upper Limb Prostheses: Myobock® Below Elbow Prostheses, Myobock® Above Elbow DynamicArm®, Residual Limb, Assembly, Elbow Unit, Wrist Units, Terminal Devices, Harness Manufacture and Prosthetic Rehabilitation.
Prosthetic arms can be inert, body-powered, or bionic. The inert type has only a cosmetic function and is not activated. A body-powered prosthesis uses some existing body motion to activate a device. The most common is the shoulder harness used to activate an arm or hand.

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Myoelectric Upper Extremity Prostheses
Myoelectric prostheses are electrically powered prostheses, controlled by the myoelectrical impulses generated by a user's muscle contractions. Myoelectric prostheses offer functionality controlled by electrical impulses transmitted every time your muscle contracts. The signals drive motorized motion customized to our patient's muscle contractions.
We cover the full range from Skin Natural Gloves, System Electric Hands, Transcarpal Hand, Electrohand for Children, Electric Greifer, Elbow-Forearm and an Upper Limb System for Children.
Cable-Controlled Upper Extremity Prostheses
These body-powered prostheses are a time-tested for durable functionality. Functions of Cable-Controlled upper extremity prostheses are controlled by the user's residual limb and/or the shoulder girdle.
We offer the full range from System Hands, Hooks, Body Harnesses and Upper Extremity Joint Bars.

Cosmetic Upper Extremity Prostheses
When the appearance of the limb is the patient's priority, a cosmetic prosthesis can offer a more natural appearance, with function limited to simple holding.
Cosmetic Arm Prostheses
Cosmetic, or "passive" prostheses, are worn by people who have difficulty operating active prostheses or wear a prosthesis for cosmetic reasons only. We cover both Cosmetic Arm Prostheses and Cosmetic Hands.

Upper Extremity Liners
Upper Extremity Liners are soft, easy on the skin and elastic, while remaining firm enough to prevent undesirable strain and some suspension.
Silicone ArmLiners provide an intimate fit without irritating the skin. They feature two-way stretch, yet are strong enough to prevent unwanted stretching longitudinally - offering both comfort and security. We also provide Custom-made Silicone Liners.